Ramarro Farm is a market garden located in the Dandenong Ranges about an hour east of Melbourne. We grow a large range of vegetables, fruits, leaves and herbs, most of which are supplied to Melbourne and Sydney’s best restaurants.

We farm on two sites, both in the small and aptly named suburb of The Patch. The area features a mix of red volcanic soil and mountain soil rich in organic matter, which create prime growing conditions when combined with an average of 1200 millimeters of rain received each year.

Our farming practices are sustainable and chemical free. We focus on flavour, freshness, abundance and quality all the while committing to the health of the environment we grow in. In addition to our 3.5 acres of vegetable production we have also planted over 200 fruit trees.

With a background working in the hospitality industry alongside some of Melbourne’s most talented chefs, it was only natural that we began selling our produce to them during our first season in 2014. As word spread about our farm so did our customer list and in 2019 we decided to expand and become full-time farmers to keep up with demand. We love working with chefs and believe the dialogue between chef and farmer makes both our products better. One of our main values, however, is supporting local food security and to act on this we opened an online store with weekly pick-ups from the farm where our local community or customers from further afield can enjoy fresh produce that is grown locally, tastes good and is good for them.


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