Four Pillars Gin is a craft distillery based in Healesville in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley. Founded in 2013, we make gin. Actually we make gins, plural. From our original multi-award winning Rare Dry Gin to the only gin in the world made just for a Negroni, from a Navy Strength Gin that is best in its class to our entirely unique Bloody Shiraz Gin. And they are always based on our four pillars of great copper stills, pristine Yarra Valley water, traditional, exotic and native botanicals, and a massive amount of love and attention to detail at every stage of the production process. Four Pillars Gin brings a delicious and very modern Australian take on gin to the world. We make a wide range of gins. When it gets down to it, everything we do is designed to elevate the craft of distilling gin in Australia. We also produce two barrel-aged gins, collaborate with bars on our ‘Bartender Series’ gins, and craft gins with international distilleries for our ‘Distiller Series’. And when we’re left with beautiful gin-steamed oranges at the end of a distillation, what do we make? Four Pillars Orange Marmalade and Breakfast Negroni.


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